Refund & Returns Policy

At Global Blacks, every purchase you make is a testament to our shared journey towards global unity and appreciation. We understand the trust you place in us when you choose a piece of the world from our collections. Our commitment is not just to deliver quality but to ensure that every interaction you have with us resonates with our core values.

Our Refund Philosophy

While we strive to ensure that every product reaches you in impeccable condition, we recognize that sometimes, the journey might have its bumps. In the spirit of fairness and our commitment to sustainability, we have adopted a policy that aligns with our brand ethos:

  • No Refunds: We believe in reducing waste and promoting sustainability. As such, we do not offer monetary refunds.
  • Store Credits: Instead, upon a confirmed claim of damaged goods, we offer store credits. This allows you to select another piece of the world from our diverse collections, ensuring that the essence of your purchase remains intact.

How to Claim Store Credits

  • Contact Us: Reach out to our dedicated support team with details of the damaged product. Please include photographs and a brief description.
  • Verification: Once we receive your claim, our team will review the details and verify the damage.
  • Store Credits Issuance: Upon confirmation, store credits equivalent to the purchase value will be issued to your Global Blacks account, which you can use for future purchases.

Together, Crafting a Sustainable Future

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We view every purchase not as a transaction but as a step towards a more unified and sustainable world. If you have any questions or require further clarity regarding our Refund & Returns policy, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to assist, ensuring you can wear the world, celebrate diversity, and be a part of our global journey with confidence.