Your Citizenship Box

Global Blacks Citizenship Box


Delivered to your doorstep! 

Explore Black Owned brands and their Verified Allies from all over the world in your Global Blacks Citizenship Box! Experience Brass, Gold or Platinum for exciting new finds delivered to your doorstep.

Global Blacks Citizenship Box: Brass

What's inside...

  • Jewellery Pieces
  • Micro Samples 

Introducing the Brass Box - an easy-on-the-wallet journey through a vibrant collection of goodies from Black-owned businesses and their trusted partners. Let the treasure hunt begin! 

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Global Blacks Citizenship Box: Gold

What's inside...

  • Facial Skincare
  • Haircare Restock
  • Vegan Fragrances
  • Bodycare
  • Home Decor

You're a culture-craving creative spirit eager for more adventures. Perhaps you fancy checking out diverse products to jazz up your stash. With our Gold membership, dive into our hottest brands, constantly in demand because everyone's obsessed with them!

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Global Blacks Citizenship Box: Platinum

What's inside...

  • Home Decor
  • Accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Education
  • Wellness Samples

Are you a style guru who loves all things glamorous? Meet your perfect match! The Platinum box is the crown jewel of the Global Blacks’ Citizen Program, offering top-notch fashion, home decor, and luxury goodies. Dive in for exclusive discount codes to your favourite high-end brands - it's a win-win!

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